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Happy Pub Day!

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Yesterday was the publication day for I Remember You!

To celebrate, I'm posting a picture of the family wearing the temporary tattoos my husband ordered and quotes from some of my favorite blog reviews.

When I got to the final page, I just sobbed. ... I actually gasped and felt a little breathless…I just found myself thinking “wow, wow, wow.”

Such a Novel Idea

I couldn't begin to figure out what I'd compare I Remember You to. It's so simple, yet so complicated, and sheer curiosity drives you forward in the book, desperate to come to the end....

Cuts of Paper

I was not prepared for this. ...As things unfold you come up with so many different theories for what is happening with Lucas and Juliet, but even what happens isn't really what you are expecting....the love story that ensues is one that takes you on the roller coaster of your life.

Once Upon a Twilight

I found myself reading through blurry eyes and tears falling down my face. It felt like I was experiencing what Lucas and Juliet were.

Confessions of a YA and NA Book Addict I wanted to know EVERYTHING after all is solved. I want to know about Lucas and Juliet and LUCAS AND FREAKING JULIET but I didn’t. Rating: 4 stars

Boricuan Bookworms

I don't normally get really emotional while reading a book, so when that happens - especially if it can make me react physically, like crying - I know that I've come across an author with true talent. This book was an emotional whirlwind - going from sweet to funny to angry and upset and heartbroken. I won't lie - I cried. Hard.

A Dream Within a Dream

I have to say that I absolutely loved how the whole thing turned out. I don’t want to give anything away. I was like this such a great story!! I just want to hug it.

Library of a Book Witch

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