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PS/MS 282 Kids Love Writing


Just had an inspiring visit to PS/MS 282, a PreK-8th grade school just blocks from where I live. It was the culmination of their week-long read-a-thon.

I read from Slipping to captive fifth graders, then from I Remember You to captive eighth graders. I love how kids really start listening at school visits when the lights go down and the story begins.

When I stopped they said, "Keep going!" and "Where can I get this book?" Responses I was very excited to hear. (They can get the books everywhere, but specifically at Community Book Store -- they're sponsoring the Reading Celebration Day.)

Kids' questions were great. They wanted to talk about the frustration of writing. Where ideas comes from. How to make their language travel from accurate to excellent. I could tell that they take writing seriously.

I could tell that an emphasis on story and reading and writing and the enjoyment of all of the above was well established in the school. Many students were dressed as their favorite character from a book.

A special shout-out to the tireless 282 mom Jen Keiser-Gordon (seen here dressed as Ms. Frizzle) for organizing the event. She really made it a special day for everyone in the school. Way to BRING IT, Jen! :) Also to Maureen, a mom I met at this event last year, who has since been making Little Blog on the Prairie her go-to birthday gift. And to Rochelle Maynard-Gonzalez, a fifth grade teacher and poet who is making her students very proud.

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